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Monday, March 17, 2008

Current stock market behavior – best opportunity to learn

Since last couple of months, the Wall Street has been behaving more weirdly. But on the other hand, it has given a very good opportunity for newbie stock traders and stock investors to learn more about how the stock market works.

The stock market has shown
• How wildly it can behave
• How the negative sentiment can affect the investor’s pocket
• How the traders can easily burn their hands if they do not put perfect stock market management strategy in place.
• How the maximum of the bull market strategies does not work in bear market
• How losing of money is more easy then making it
• How drastically the positive things can turn into negative
• How non-fundamental stock tends to fall heavily

The stock market is showing its ugly face. This is a tough market and making money in this tough market is even tougher. But one who is able to live with this and can implement proper and perfect strategy can still make money.

You have to assume that stock market will never work according to what you think and it will never allow you to make money. But it is your skill and knowledge that you need to use to pull out the money from the stock market.

The stock trader should know how the significant dip in stock market is an opportunity to enter and how any significant rise is an opportunity to exit.

The investors should need to examine the highly defensive stock and to remain invested in such a stock that has very good fundamentals and has very good growth prospectus ahead.

Hard decision, high risk taking ability, patience and cool mind are supportive tools that help to implement this in more perfect way to make money in stock market.


huatboyz said...

Wall Street is getting more and more volatile and unpredictable amid a fore-coming recession. The Fed's latest interest rate cut has been swift but apparently awakening investor's fears of a slowdown. The cuts need time to buffer into the economy before we can see substantial improvements in the housing markets. And the Fed has hinted of reluctance of further rate cuts. Well, I would tend to be on the bearish side in the short-mid term.

Anonymous said...

We definitely agree with you on that one. Patience is the key.

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Don Harrold said...

I love to call out the talking heads from CNBC who are rotting the brains of most investors out there. You don't know what you don't know. Watching CNBC doesn't help.